Glasgow Herald – ‘Jennifer's multifaceted fiddling - ranging from coquettish twists to full-blooded expression-as well as her consistently high-quality tunesmithery’

Jennifer Wrigley is highly respected globally not only as a world class fiddler but as an ambassador for traditional Orkney music.  She is internationally recognised as one of the leading fiddle players and composers to come out of Scotland in recent years; influencing and inspiring players all around the world.

BBC Young Tradition Award Winner & BBC MG alba Instrumentalist of the Year nominee

Her style reflects ages of musicianship that has been passed down aurally from her heroes including players from her Scandinavian influenced homeland of the Orkney Islands. 

30 years of performing, recording and performing alongside her sister as part of The Wrigley Sisters

It is rare to find such an advanced player with the understanding of a true traditional fiddle style who can also teach to the highest technical standard – anyone who wants to improve technique or their general understanding in the fiddle should look no further